MS Attempts to Grok OSS

Monday November 2nd, 1998

This news has trickled down from various readers, who came across it through a link on Slashdot.

In the words of reader Cameron Mulder, "[An] interesting memo from M$ talks about Open Source Software and how it will affect them. Mostly about Linux, but it has some interesting information about how they view Mozilla."

#5 Re:MS Attempts to Grok OSS

by george <>

Monday November 2nd, 1998 4:09 PM

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>By the time the average joe can >install Linux, might >already be using MSHTTP and Linux >will have lost its chance.

i have thought of this, and M$ probably wants to do this....but right now 80% of the hits on the web are web sites made from Macs. Second, those web master are going to want Macs to be able to view the web sites and we are seeing linux and the MacOS growing...

I say in 3 years, Microsoft market share won't be as big, but they will still have 90%+

Matter of fact, Microsoft already tried to make MSHTML, and i think it was called "blackbird"