MS Attempts to Grok OSS

Monday November 2nd, 1998

This news has trickled down from various readers, who came across it through a link on Slashdot.

In the words of reader Cameron Mulder, "[An] interesting memo from M$ talks about Open Source Software and how it will affect them. Mostly about Linux, but it has some interesting information about how they view Mozilla."

#4 Re:MS Attempts to Grok OSS

by Aleks Zawisza <>

Monday November 2nd, 1998 2:55 PM

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Whatever cool new features NGLayout comes up with, Microsoft will copy them as fast as you can say "innovate".

Microsoft never loses. They have consistantly gained market share in every area that matters, and they have so much cash in the bank that they could be unprofitable for the next 10 years and still have some left to buy the Vatican.

I think the OSS (to borrow their term) community, hell, the whole computer industry needs to watch Microsoft. Hijacking internet standards is the one sure way they can cut off everyone else from the net, and this is obviously what they'll try to do.

I'm just glad that documents like that are starting to come out. I hope the government will have enough sense to drop for a second the pure capitalist ideals and not let a ruthless company destroy all competition just because it's the American Way.

Linux might become as popular as Windows if only Linux programmers would _want_ to at least try making it as easy to use as Windows. RedHat is sort of doing that. However, this is taking a long time, and MS moves very fast. By the time the average joe can install Linux, might already be using MSHTTP and Linux will have lost its chance.

Oh well, as long as people know what's going on in Redmond, maybe we'll hear less ignorant talk from Microsoft zelots, and see more action taken to stop MS from enslaving (even more) the computer industry.