MS Attempts to Grok OSS

Monday November 2nd, 1998

This news has trickled down from various readers, who came across it through a link on Slashdot.

In the words of reader Cameron Mulder, "[An] interesting memo from M$ talks about Open Source Software and how it will affect them. Mostly about Linux, but it has some interesting information about how they view Mozilla."

#14 Re:MS Attempts to Grok OSS

by John Gesang <>

Wednesday November 4th, 1998 9:57 PM

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A very interesting piece of virtual-paper indeed . . . I'm responding both to the article and also to some of the previous responses: ANY dismissive/defensive public statements re the "Halloween Document" made by Microsoft representatives or executives cannot legally even be considered as evidence or given any weight or credence in any court, except that of public opinion, until a formal submission of such has been made by Microsoft's lawyers, and then only if the document is indeed first brought in as evidence--in other words any out-of-court statements regarding the document from Microsoft reps vis-a-vis Microsoft company policy or even the document's authenticity are legally worthless; the document considered in and of itself might indeed be useful in supporting the DOJ's case against Microsoft, should the DOJ choose to submit it as evidence, regardless of whether it was "leaked" or not--and leaking a document containing the statements that this one does at this particular time would be incredibly stupid, if you ask me. Consider this simile: If I get caught driving a hundred mph down Sunset Blvd. one night, all my protests that I don't as a rule drive so fast aren't going to keep the cops from arresting me and dragging me into court for reckless driving; and what's more maintaining such a defense on my part might lead the court to conclude that my mental judgement was seriously impaired . . . . Any evidence (re Microsoft's policies concerning competitive products and companies) in the document itself, considered pro or con, lies not in any internal admission that the OSS movement is winning the OS (server) "battle," but in what is outlined and delineated in the document for a strategy aimed at defeating and preempting OSS's market success.

Sorry for this treatise.

There was life before Windows;there will be life after it.

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