MS Attempts to Grok OSS

Monday November 2nd, 1998

This news has trickled down from various readers, who came across it through a link on Slashdot.

In the words of reader Cameron Mulder, "[An] interesting memo from M$ talks about Open Source Software and how it will affect them. Mostly about Linux, but it has some interesting information about how they view Mozilla."

#10 Am I just a conspiracy theorist?

by Dan Kirkpatrick <>

Tuesday November 3rd, 1998 4:23 PM

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It seems to me that the timing of this "leak" is suspect. This document was "leaked" only 2 days before the video of Billy G's testimony was released in court. What better way to demonstrate that microsoft doesn't hold a monoply than to declare in an "internal" memo that OSS, between Linux and Apache, is winning the battle (or at least a few battles where MS is accused of anti-trust violations).

I haven't seen this viewpoint anywhere else (except where I have expressed it myself). Am I just a conspiracy theorist?