XBL Submission to the W3C

Friday February 23rd, 2001

Ian Hickson writes:
"Earlier today, the W3C acknowledged the XBL Specification that AOL submitted on behalf of This is the first document to be published on the W3C site that has "Mozilla" written all over it, and so is a great reason for rejoicing!!!

The next step is for the CSS Working Group within the W3C to discuss the submission in more depth, with a view to come up with a W3C Recommendation which is liked by all those concerned (including the competition of course)."

You can also read what the W3C thought of XBL. A great day for Mozilla indeed!

#15 Re: Re: AOL written all over it :(

by asa <>

Wednesday February 28th, 2001 9:50 PM

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Mozilla is funded by anyone willing to pay someone to work on the project or to donate equipment or to work on the project themselves. AOL is one such player in this game but definitely not the only one. There are many engineers paid to work on Mozilla that are employed by companies other than AOL. There are many folks making mozilla better on their own time. There are many groups contributing equipment and other resources to Mozilla.

"Without AOL no Mozilla" is total bullshit. Without AOL slower progress on making Mozilla better, yes, I'd accept that but if you're not the troll you appear to be and you actually believe what you're saying, that without AOL Mozilla ceases to exist, then you're completely out of touch with this project your comments should be ignored. If the more likely case is true, that you're just a troll, then take your bs to slashdot or some other forum.