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Thursday February 22nd, 2001

Tony Jordan writes:
"Here are this week's status reports. Included are reports from K-Meleon, Sherlock, Jabberzilla, Chameleon, and mozmp. Check it out!" Click the full article link for the reports!

#9 Re: Re: No way

by FrodoB

Friday February 23rd, 2001 8:33 PM

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Congratulations, you've successfully proved that no product has critical mass. Let's examine the argument.

A product lacks marketshare. Therefore, it is a niche development environment. Consequently, it has little marketshare. Therefore, it is a niche development environment. Because of this, it has little marketshare.

And I could go on typing until I was dead and never hit the end. :)

Arguments like that are pretty defeatist in nature. They basically state that we can't win, so we shouldn't try. Other companies have done it (yes, I know it's hard to remember, but even mighty Microsoft was once a lowly niche market [they happened to make decent compilers and knew when to buy an operating system that they could pitch to IBM to get capital]).