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Thursday February 22nd, 2001

Tony Jordan writes:
"Here are this week's status reports. Included are reports from K-Meleon, Sherlock, Jabberzilla, Chameleon, and mozmp. Check it out!" Click the full article link for the reports!

#8 Re: No way

by bk_raze

Friday February 23rd, 2001 4:33 PM

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There's no way that Mozilla is gaining critical mass. Unless major software companies like Microsoft or Macromedia (companies that make major critical applications that people rely on daily) embrace Mozilla, it will remain a niche development platform. Linux is a niche development platform (at least on the consumer end), and it probably has more support behind it than Mozilla.

And I hate to say it, but I have to: in addition to this, the Mozilla browser lacks marketshare. And I know that the platform is independent of the software built on it, but in the minds of developers and corporations, it means a lot for the success of the platform only if real people are using products based on it.

These two things will prevent it from ever gaining critical mass, and it's likely that each reason I said depends on the other.