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Thursday February 22nd, 2001

Tony Jordan writes:
"Here are this week's status reports. Included are reports from K-Meleon, Sherlock, Jabberzilla, Chameleon, and mozmp. Check it out!" Click the full article link for the reports!

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by Kovu <>

Saturday February 24th, 2001 12:30 PM

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Evidently you missed the news that companies and companies like Intel, Red Hat, Eazel, and Nokia (through a deal with AOL) are all working with Mozilla. Or maybe you missed that AOL Time Warner is more powerful than Microsoft in the online media arena, hates Microsoft, and is certain to base future projects on Mozilla code. Or that NeoPlanet is planning on releasing Mozilla-based custom browsers any day now. And that's just what we've heard about.

mozDev has open source projects on it, there's no telling how many non-open source projects are also working with Mozilla. Just don't be too sure of yourself.