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Thursday February 22nd, 2001

Tony Jordan writes:
"Here are this week's status reports. Included are reports from K-Meleon, Sherlock, Jabberzilla, Chameleon, and mozmp. Check it out!" Click the full article link for the reports!

#11 Re: Re: No way

by fab

Saturday February 24th, 2001 4:01 AM

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Hi bk_raze, I have two problems with your argument here: 1) "Unless major software companies like Microsoft or Macromedia embrace Mozilla [...]" Microsoft will never ever support Mozilla. Why would it, we are their rivals. I see it more this way : "Mozilla supports Microsoft [Windows]";) Also I'm not sure what Macromedia has to do with us, but as far as I know their flash/shockwave plugin works in Mozilla (I'm using it right now), and their are commited to creating a wysiwyg editor that creates standards-compliant code. All good. I am much more concerned about AOL. If they ever chose to use Netscape, then Mozilla will no longer be a niche development. 2) I think Asa was talking of the "critical mass needed for the project to take off, to look attractive to new contributors", not the critical mass of end-users that is needed to gain marketshare. It would be a shame to our rivals if we had any marketshare before we even release any software. We have reached a point where people can do something else with Mozilla than developing it (and cursing that it's slow ;). So in my opinion, even though we are not yet famous throughout the world, it is not a reason to say that "These two things will prevent it from ever gaining critical mass", which is basically saying "nice job, but it's useless" (where did I read that.. oh yeah, /.).

Hope I made some sense,