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Thursday February 22nd, 2001

Tony Jordan writes:
"Here are this week's status reports. Included are reports from K-Meleon, Sherlock, Jabberzilla, Chameleon, and mozmp. Check it out!" Click the full article link for the reports!

#1 critical mass

by asa <>

Friday February 23rd, 2001 8:28 AM

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Reading these status reports gives me the feeling that "Mozilla" (by this I mean more than the browser, read on) is reaching a kind of critical mass necessary to support the variety of interesting Mozilla technology based products.

I suspect that there are a few major factors contributing to this and I wanted to ask around to see what others think.

First I think that the Mozilla technologies have evolved to a stable enough point where they are more easily consumed for new applications. Where 6 months ago the floor was moving out from under people's feet, it seems like the building blocks and foundation are moving at a gentler pace and with fewer mojor shakeups tht would force app developers to start over from scratch.

Second I think that the Mozilla and Mozilla technologies have made there way out of the lab and into the market. I am starting to see the 'idea' of Mozilla leaking into more mainstream audiences.

This leads to my final thought about why projects like those hosted at mozdev and elsewhere are really starting to come into their own, community. Community building is not an easy task and takes time. I think that the kind of community that has grown up around the core Mozilla project, one that includes development, QA and testing, advocacy and news, and other types of suport, is starting to happen for many of these peripheral projects. They are building community of their own and evolving into something more than peripheral. Community creates identity, identity fuels evolution and it is this evolution which seems to be beginning for many of the projects I've been reading about in these status reports.

I think that all of this is wonderful and highlights both the successes of Mozilla as a technology and to the successes of open source development.

What do you all think?