Mozilla 0.8 Released!

Thursday February 15th, 2001 today released the Mozilla 0.8 Milestone. Builds can be found on's ftp site, and release notes are available at the releases page.

#83 Java Plugin Installation

by gsarwar <>

Wednesday February 28th, 2001 1:04 PM

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First time, I tried to install Java plugin on linux for mozilla0.8, it didn't work. I've found a workaround and want to share if somebody else is facing the same problem: Let me tell you what I did. I went to, it asked me to download javaplugin, yes and I select Java Plugin for linux. It started installing and then it said "Java Plugin Installation Successful". I closed mozilla and opened it again, browsed, it again prompted for the plugin. What is wrong? I observed that it created a dir java2 in plugins dir. I just had to create a symlink: ln -s /usr/local/mozilla08/mozilla/plugins/java2/plugin/i386/ns600/ /usr/local/mozilla08/mozilla/plugins/ Now, when I restart the browser and viisted, it worked.

Good Luck!