Mozilla 0.8 Released!

Thursday February 15th, 2001 today released the Mozilla 0.8 Milestone. Builds can be found on's ftp site, and release notes are available at the releases page.

#71 Re: Win32 has been left in the dust

by damian <>

Wednesday February 21st, 2001 2:04 AM

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I've been running Mozilla on Linux since... M10 (was it really that long ago?) At M18 it reached the threshhold of usuability. At 0.7 it was as fast as IE 5 on Windows, and it became my daily browser. At 0.8 it was absolutely flying on my machine, and memory use was lower than ever.

I have a AMD 450 w/ 64 MB RAM, btw.

I could not understand the complaints about Mozilla being slow (well, on old machines < 200 MHz I would understand.)

Then I decided to try Mozilla 0.8 on Windows. Now I see why everyone was whining. You all must run Windows! Page rendering is at least 5 times slower on Windows than on Linux. I'm not sure if there are outstanding performance bugs in the Win32 builds, or if Win32 just isn't getting the amount of developers attention as Linux, or if this is just evidence of the fundamental inferiority of the Windows platform.

In any case, I feel sorry for those of you that are Linux impaired.