Mozilla 0.8 Released!

Thursday February 15th, 2001 today released the Mozilla 0.8 Milestone. Builds can be found on's ftp site, and release notes are available at the releases page.

#54 Re: Re: Re: Great, but still too slow on older Pen

by arnoudb <>

Sunday February 18th, 2001 5:26 PM

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Well you could use NS4.xx..... or Opera perhaps (have to admit, I never tried that one). Adding more memory will help btw, it's not so much the processor that's keeping things slow, its the memory. Before I got my new Athlon 1200 w/ 512 megs of RAM I was doomed to run Win2000 on a P1-225 with 80 megs of RAM. Believe me, it was not fun :(. It runs just soo much better on 128MB even if the processor is not that much faster.