Mozilla 0.8 Released!

Thursday February 15th, 2001 today released the Mozilla 0.8 Milestone. Builds can be found on's ftp site, and release notes are available at the releases page.

#30 Re: Great, but still too slow on older Pentiums

by Brendon <>

Saturday February 17th, 2001 5:59 AM

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Actually -anyone correct me if i'm wrong- i dont think you'll see such a significant decrease in memory usage even in the 1.0 release. Best thing to do is just buy some old computer from somewhere (presuming that P90 is yours) take out the simms and add them to the P90.. it really doesnt make sense on running mozilla on a computer that'll have to swap to the HD. For comps with little RAM i'd sugguest Opera, its fast and lean, and the banner is _far_ less annoying than any you'd come across on a website.