Mozilla 0.8 Released!

Thursday February 15th, 2001 today released the Mozilla 0.8 Milestone. Builds can be found on's ftp site, and release notes are available at the releases page.

#28 Great, but still too slow on older Pentiums

by avisdurgan

Friday February 16th, 2001 2:48 PM

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I tried Moz 0.8 on a completely new computer at uni today (it had 128MB RAM, BTW) and I found it to be fast as lightning.

However, I'm now using the same Mozilla 0.8 on an old Pentium 90 MHz which does have a decent amount of RAM (40MB, to be exact). Even with only Navigator + PSM installed, Moz is still too slow for everyday use on this ol' Win95 box.

But I guess that eventually (when the version number is 1.0 or sooner) this great browser will not have these monster system requirements anymore, and will not at least run any slower than any other Win9x app on the same machine (or at least NS4.x). Then I can finally enjoy Mozilla on all of my computers, not just the ones with gigabytes of RAM.