Mozilla AA on Gnome

Friday February 9th, 2001

Christian Schaller writes:
"We have just posted a set of screenshots on showing Mozilla with Anti-aliasing using the new Xfree86 render extension. Looks great (even if fonts are extreme ;)"

#1 Problems

by WillyWonka

Friday February 9th, 2001 6:04 PM

First off, I think the link should be

Second of all, don't install Quicktime in mozilla. It takes over PNG files. :(

#2 Re: Problems

by gerbilpower

Friday February 9th, 2001 6:32 PM

Quicktime will only do that if it is set to act as a plug-in for PNGs, which it does by default (which Apple should stop doing since all the major browser support PNGs now), and you can easily turn it off in the preferences for Quicktime.


#3 Re: Re: Problems

by exotrip

Friday February 9th, 2001 8:23 PM

I could never get the Quicktime plugin to stop taking over PNGs in Mozilla. I had to rename the DLL that did that so I coulf keep Quicktime movie support in Mozilla and let Mozilla handle PNGs.

#7 Giving PNG support back to Mozilla

by tjwhaynes

Tuesday February 13th, 2001 11:18 AM

In Quicktime Player, goto Edit->Preferences->Connection Speed

Change the menu entry to Browser Plugin

Click on MIME Types...

Scroll down and double click on both png and x-png mime types so that the + on the left hand side goes away.

Restart Moz and you should be safe from Quicktime PNG tyranny.

#4 Gnotices down... again

by mlei

Saturday February 10th, 2001 5:15 PM

Gnotices has been going down for long periods of time a lot recently. Is it just my DNS acting up? It shouldn\'t be. Anyone know anything about this?

As far as I know, gnotices has been down for at least the last day.

#5 Re: Gnotices down... again

by flacco

Saturday February 10th, 2001 6:34 PM

maybe it was /.'ed? There was an article on this on /. as well as several other Linux sites.

#6 re

by Sparkster

Sunday February 11th, 2001 7:53 AM

yes, it was down for me too. i'm sure it was slashdotted :)