Mozilla vs. .Net?

Friday February 9th, 2001

Ian Davey writes:
"An interesting article 'Mozilla takes on Microsoft.Net' has appeared at ZDNet with some quotes from the Mozilla community, and Microsoft's early attempts at spinning (and misunderstanding) XUL."

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by macpeep

Monday February 12th, 2001 9:08 AM

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Oh please. How can you say that "Building a Mozilla app is much easier than building any other."? That's just silly when you think about how easy it is to build an app in any VisualStudio app (VB, VC++, VJ++..). You just *DRAW* the app, throw buttons here and there, hook them up to data sources.. Even if you hand-code all the logic with VB, the whole UI is child's play. I've seen 13 year olds code stuff like web browsers, ftp clients etc. using VB and wininet.dll, IE etc. I mean, seriously, if we're comparing .NET and thus technologies such as Windows Forms and Visual Basic and Visual Studio to Mozilla and XUL, there's no comparison in terms of ease of use!

Of course if you want to code something like a web server, Photoshop or say, an e-commerce back-end, the choice is even clearer.

Mozilla and XUL is good for doing things like chat clients, email clients and web browser "chrome" but if you step outside that realm, you will quickly run into problems.

Sure, .NET isn't cross platform - at least not for a couple of years, so if you want your stuff to run on Linux, then you obviously can't use .NET. However, if I want a cross platform app, I would choose Java and a good IDE with a GUI builder *ANY DAY* over Mozilla and XUL.

Want HTML support for messages? Get a HTML displaying JavaBean, like the one ICE Soft from Norway sells. It kicks serious ass! I'd say it's about on par in speed with Mozilla and renders with less problems on real world sites, tho it's not quite as standards compliant across the board as Mozilla is.. However for real world use, it's even BETTER than Mozilla is right now.

I'm still a big Mozilla fan, and I'm not a fan of Microsoft. I just can't pretend Mozilla is heaven and .NET sucks, like you seem to be able to. Let's face the facts, Mozilla and XUL are not ready for prime time for a long time.. To be fair, nor is .NET. However I'd say the beta of VisualStudio.NET is far more usable than Mozilla is at the moment - for app development.