Mozilla vs. .Net?

Friday February 9th, 2001

Ian Davey writes:
"An interesting article 'Mozilla takes on Microsoft.Net' has appeared at ZDNet with some quotes from the Mozilla community, and Microsoft's early attempts at spinning (and misunderstanding) XUL."

#2 Microsoft Obsfumation

by tny

Friday February 9th, 2001 2:28 PM

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> Open source hasn't lent itself to > the security side of things. Too > many people know how it works, so > that the opportunity for somebody > to know how to get around the > security platform looks to be > significantly enhanced.

I'd like to see how knowing how RSA works will help you break a 128 bit encryption without a major expense in resources. This is Microsoft's whole approach in a nutshell: if you hide how something works, your property is secure. Seems to me that their black-box approach isn't doing too good a job of keeping their website from being hacked.

> making that form functional > using a language that you > already know, such as > VisualBasic or COBOL.

Oh, goody, COBOL on the Web!!! Can I break out my old TRaSh-80 now????