Mozilla vs. .Net?

Friday February 9th, 2001

Ian Davey writes:
"An interesting article 'Mozilla takes on Microsoft.Net' has appeared at ZDNet with some quotes from the Mozilla community, and Microsoft's early attempts at spinning (and misunderstanding) XUL."

#10 .NET has no standard classes

by hermannm

Friday March 9th, 2001 6:44 AM

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I agree that .NET looks a lot like Java. Funny how MS always manages to invent things a few years after someone else did. But that is another issue.

The CLR is pretty much .NETs version of Javas JVM. C# is .NETs version of Java the language.

Both are to be standardized.

What .NET is missing is a set of standard classes. Sure, MS is going to provide a set of classes for .NET. But they are not part of the standard and will not work on anything but Windows.

And that is where cross-platform .NET falls apart.

I still agree that .NET has potential, mainly because it is from MS though, not so much based on its feature set.

IMO it will keep the VB programmers in the MS camp and thus stem the tide of Java defections amongst the Windows programmers. Perhaps some are even joining the club again.

It will not allow cross platform apps though.