New Poll!

Friday February 9th, 2001

We have a new poll up now, asking what you feel the name for Mozilla's mail and news components should be.

The previous poll, "What has been your largest contribution to Mozilla?" was won by 'Running Mozilla regularly' with 34% of the votes (1818), followed by: 'Voting in this poll' 26% (1397), 'Evangelizing' 16% (870), 'Reporting Bugs' 15% (846), 'Creating testcases for bugs' 2% (154), 'Submitting patches' 2% (114), and 'Creating an offshoot project/skin/theme' 1% (89).

#4 too late

by asa <>

Sunday February 11th, 2001 10:12 AM

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Ben(B) I don't see anything wrong with this poll. If you would like to send in poll suggestions to mozillazine then do so. This poll was suggested by a mozilla/zine contributor and I think it's great to have something new in which to express my opinions. If yuo don't like any of the suggestions then maks some of your own. The poll has a talkback all to itself. I've been watching mozillazine polls since they first came online and I can say that much of what is interesting to me (and I assume others) is the discussion that happens in the poll talkback.