New Poll!

Friday February 9th, 2001

We have a new poll up now, asking what you feel the name for Mozilla's mail and news components should be.

The previous poll, "What has been your largest contribution to Mozilla?" was won by 'Running Mozilla regularly' with 34% of the votes (1818), followed by: 'Voting in this poll' 26% (1397), 'Evangelizing' 16% (870), 'Reporting Bugs' 15% (846), 'Creating testcases for bugs' 2% (154), 'Submitting patches' 2% (114), and 'Creating an offshoot project/skin/theme' 1% (89).

#2 new mail/news name

by ratman

Saturday February 10th, 2001 9:46 PM

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with mozilla using terms like \"seamonkey\", \"tinderbox\", \"bonsai\", etc. for its products and divisions, shouldn\'t there be more, well, creative name choices than \"mailer\" or \"dispatcher\" or roman/greek gods?

how about something like \"roadrunner\" or \"firewalker\" or \"telegraph\" or even \"cubbyhole\" for that matter? anything less obvious would at least add some color - even \"collabra\" and \"communicator\" were better word choices.