New Theme Builder Themes

Friday February 9th, 2001

David Boswell writes:
"New themes have been posted at All of these themes have been created using the latest nightly version of Chameleon. The latest version fixes some publish bugs and allows you to fully theme the entire browser and then publish your theme. Come get the latest version and submit your new themes for addition to this new themes page."

#8 Re: Same ol', same ol'

by DieHappy <>

Saturday February 10th, 2001 1:19 PM

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So, skins changes are set of css modifications and chrome changes are a set of xul modifications. Is a theme a collection of both the css and xml files that bring these changes? If both sets of files are contained in a theme then eventually Chameleon should be able to edit both the css and xml files, right? If I wanted to create my own theme, what xml files would I need to change to move a few buttons around?