Netscape 6.01

Friday February 9th, 2001

Daniel Roberts writes:
"Netscape 6.01 is out! Check it out! Love it or leave it, this is the "latest and greatest" (minor bugfix) release."

As this build is using the RTM branch from November with a few fixes, which are also in the trunk, we advise you stick to nightly builds. Check the build bar to find links to the most recent builds.

#2 Re: rtm...

by gerbilpower <>

Friday February 9th, 2001 12:18 PM

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Well this was intended to be a MINOR release, so they basically got Netscape 6 (or Mozilla 0.6, which is identical anyway), and according to the newsgroups they added some crasher fixes and a security fix (the security fix only fixes a problem if you use mail/news with JavaScript turned on for mail/news, which is turned off by default).

I guess that's why they called it 6.01 to mean that it's a minor update. I would very VERY like to see them start a new branch with from Mozilla, but they could be just waiting for Mozilla 1.0.