Netscape 6.01

Friday February 9th, 2001

Daniel Roberts writes:
"Netscape 6.01 is out! Check it out! Love it or leave it, this is the "latest and greatest" (minor bugfix) release."

As this build is using the RTM branch from November with a few fixes, which are also in the trunk, we advise you stick to nightly builds. Check the build bar to find links to the most recent builds.

#15 no netscape for me

by jilles

Monday February 12th, 2001 10:25 AM

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If I'm ever going to switch to a Mozilla based browser it is definately not going to be Netscape. The 6.0 release was premature and I simply don't think I can trust the Netscape company to come up with something stable and well tested anymore. No self respecting software company should ever release that kind of software on ordinary users. I know of at least one user who, unaware of Mozilla's development process, decided to install Netscape 6 and was shocked at how buggy it was. There's simply no excuse.

On the other hand, most nightly builds of Mozilla since late september have been much better than netscape 6.0 (my friend is now running 0.7). The point of wasting energy on maintaining obsolete branches of Mozilla is beyond me. Can't they just put those developers on a more recent branch (e.g. the upcoming 0.8 release)?

I'm now seriously considering migrating to mozilla 1.0, once it is released. Currently I find it suits most of my browsing needs already. However, my IE favorites are still not imported properly (though there seems to be some activity on this issue lately), which is a showstopper as far as I'm concerned. Secondly, the mail app is simply too slow. I want to scroll messages in real time. However, no doubt this will improve over the coming few weeks.

BTW. The roadmap is getting out of sync before its first deadline. 0.8 was due around 8 februari. It is now 12 februari and still no Mozilla 0.8. I understand these are projections rather than hard deadlines but I imagine third party projects are waiting for 0.8.