Netscape 6.01

Friday February 9th, 2001

Daniel Roberts writes:
"Netscape 6.01 is out! Check it out! Love it or leave it, this is the "latest and greatest" (minor bugfix) release."

As this build is using the RTM branch from November with a few fixes, which are also in the trunk, we advise you stick to nightly builds. Check the build bar to find links to the most recent builds.

#12 Re: Re: Re: 6.01 is so much better than 6.00

by asa <>

Sunday February 11th, 2001 10:29 AM

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maybe the net(stub) instller is more appealing to many folks because it let's you _not_ download big chunks of the code if you don't want them. Even with the stub installer there is an option to save the XPIs locally as you download them so you can make changes later if you want.