Netscape 6.01

Friday February 9th, 2001

Daniel Roberts writes:
"Netscape 6.01 is out! Check it out! Love it or leave it, this is the "latest and greatest" (minor bugfix) release."

As this build is using the RTM branch from November with a few fixes, which are also in the trunk, we advise you stick to nightly builds. Check the build bar to find links to the most recent builds.

#1 rtm...

by castrojo

Friday February 9th, 2001 12:14 PM

I don't get it .. wouldn't it be more efficient for netscape to just brand .7/.8 than to maintain a seperate branch?

#2 Re: rtm...

by gerbilpower

Friday February 9th, 2001 12:18 PM

Well this was intended to be a MINOR release, so they basically got Netscape 6 (or Mozilla 0.6, which is identical anyway), and according to the newsgroups they added some crasher fixes and a security fix (the security fix only fixes a problem if you use mail/news with JavaScript turned on for mail/news, which is turned off by default).

I guess that's why they called it 6.01 to mean that it's a minor update. I would very VERY like to see them start a new branch with from Mozilla, but they could be just waiting for Mozilla 1.0.


#11 Re: rtm...

by hute37

Saturday February 10th, 2001 5:18 PM

good tree branches are made of wood, not of code ...

#3 rtm...

by castrojo

Friday February 9th, 2001 12:47 PM

hmmm, I just think that the mozilla is moslty in bugfix mode anyway, and that keeping the netscape branch is kind of pointless ... a netscape point release based on every mozilla milestone would make more sense ... then again, I'm not a developer, so I'm probably wrong ... :)

#4 N6 - why too soon?

by peterlairo

Friday February 9th, 2001 3:13 PM

netscape should have waited until mozilla 1.0 is ready. They should have spent the time between november and whenever M1.0 comes out to whip up a bunch of hype and expectation about M1.0/N6.

That way N6 would have gotten all kinds of media attention and on release would have wowed everyone.

As they did it, it probably lost many users. A crying shame.

#5 Re: N6 - why too soon?

by TonyG

Friday February 9th, 2001 4:06 PM

I doubt they have lost many users as I doubt they have many users. Most people have tried NS 6.01 and gone back to either NS 4.x or onto/back to Mozilla builds.

The big publicity drive - if it ever happends - will be just before the big rollout based on Mozilla 1.0 I guess. Thats a few moths off yet...

#14 Re: N6 - why too soon?

by balram

Sunday February 11th, 2001 8:48 PM

That is what i thought too. People still used Netscape until late 1999 - early 2000. Even though by November last year the market share was small and dwindling, people still knew that netscape was a reasonable browser, and a new version was due. Netscape had a bad reputation to start with. A premature and badly marketed release of the much-hyped next release has worsened it. Until netscape 6 was released last year, i always thought Netscape could make a comeback. Great marketing and a superb product would have done the job and told the masses "Netscape is Back". Now I've lost all hope for it. Netscape should have waited till 1.0 was ready.

#6 6.01 is so much better than 6.00

by TonyG

Friday February 9th, 2001 4:11 PM

I tried it since I like to have it installed for reference purposes and I have to say it was a totally different experience. The install was very straightforward now they've dropped that god awful proxy downloading weirdness. It correctly found my previous install and removed it and I got Java to work first time.

Much better. The install put of soooo many people its good tosee it sorted.

#8 Re: 6.01 is so much better than 6.00

by rkl

Saturday February 10th, 2001 4:59 AM

You didn't have to use that "proxy downloading weirdness" *at all* with the original Netscape 6.0.

Unfortunately, the best installer (the one that does it all in one go without requiring a network connection) was "hidden" in a sea sub-directory on Netscape's FTP site, which 99% of users seem to have completely missed (subsequently then bitching about the far-more-awkward smaller installer that's more "visible" on their FTP site).

I had no problems with the Netscape 6.0 "full" installer myself and it's the much better installer cos if you want to re-install (or, indeed, install on more than one machine), you don't need an active Net connection (and a lot of patience waiting for the download) to do so.

#10 Re: Re: 6.01 is so much better than 6.00

by TonyG

Saturday February 10th, 2001 6:26 AM

Maybe "99% of users" completely missed the installer because they used the link presented to them on the Netscape site. If that link had pointed to the full installer instead of the smaller network installerI dare say this would be a moot point.

#12 Re: Re: Re: 6.01 is so much better than 6.00

by asa

Sunday February 11th, 2001 10:29 AM

maybe the net(stub) instller is more appealing to many folks because it let's you _not_ download big chunks of the code if you don't want them. Even with the stub installer there is an option to save the XPIs locally as you download them so you can make changes later if you want.


#7 Wow

by ERICmurphy

Friday February 9th, 2001 10:07 PM

There is still a HUGE gap between the code of Netscape 6.01 and the latest Mozilla builds. The Jabberzilla client has many problems in Netscape 6 that are not present in Mozilla.

Looks like I need to update my requirements...

#9 Re: Wow

by dave532

Saturday February 10th, 2001 5:14 AM

It's basically way behind mozilla because it's just 6.0 (aka Moz 0.6) with a few bugfixes applied.

#13 NS6 / Moz 0.7

by sharlskdy

Sunday February 11th, 2001 6:57 PM

NS6 sure disappoints as a .0 release... but, Moz 0.7 is pretty usable, except for the memory footprint. We're conducting more and more tests and our developers have started running their sites through Moz, and will probably begin to submit more extensive bug reports after 0.8 ships next week.

#15 no netscape for me

by jilles

Monday February 12th, 2001 10:25 AM

If I'm ever going to switch to a Mozilla based browser it is definately not going to be Netscape. The 6.0 release was premature and I simply don't think I can trust the Netscape company to come up with something stable and well tested anymore. No self respecting software company should ever release that kind of software on ordinary users. I know of at least one user who, unaware of Mozilla's development process, decided to install Netscape 6 and was shocked at how buggy it was. There's simply no excuse.

On the other hand, most nightly builds of Mozilla since late september have been much better than netscape 6.0 (my friend is now running 0.7). The point of wasting energy on maintaining obsolete branches of Mozilla is beyond me. Can't they just put those developers on a more recent branch (e.g. the upcoming 0.8 release)?

I'm now seriously considering migrating to mozilla 1.0, once it is released. Currently I find it suits most of my browsing needs already. However, my IE favorites are still not imported properly (though there seems to be some activity on this issue lately), which is a showstopper as far as I'm concerned. Secondly, the mail app is simply too slow. I want to scroll messages in real time. However, no doubt this will improve over the coming few weeks.

BTW. The roadmap is getting out of sync before its first deadline. 0.8 was due around 8 februari. It is now 12 februari and still no Mozilla 0.8. I understand these are projections rather than hard deadlines but I imagine third party projects are waiting for 0.8.

#16 Re: no netscape for me

by fab

Wednesday February 14th, 2001 2:20 PM

All your points are valid, except the roadmap one : It says it was going to be released around the 12th of february. We are only three or four days late. Not too bad, if you ask me, considering we have had some problems with regressions.

#17 Re: no netscape for me

by walpj

Friday February 16th, 2001 3:14 AM

I use NS6 in order to port cross-browser DHTML to this new DOM-compliant client.

While NS6 could have been released as another preview, its hyped release helped significantly to educate both authoring tool developers and Web developers concerning the degree of parity between NS6 and IE5+. (And the marked lack of backward compatibility with Nav4.x.)

I just wish that the script parsing and dynamic rendering wasn't so bloody slow compared to IE.