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Tuesday February 6th, 2001

Tony Jordan writes in:
"I've been thinking for a while that there needed to be a way for mozilla-based projects to trumpet their recent achievements even when there isn't enough news for a full story, so I collected some status reports from several projects and I'll be posting them here about once a week. Featured this week: Beonex,,, ForumZilla, the Links Panel, the Amoeba game engine, and the Snippets project. Enjoy!"

Click the Full Article link to check them out. If your project wants to be a part of this, send Tony an email for more info!

#8 Re: beonex

by benb <>

Sunday February 11th, 2001 2:32 AM

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Mozilla is made for developers (and testers and distributors) only. Beonex Communicator is made for end-users.

Beonex Comm. is based on the Netscape 6.0 branch (which is very close to Mozilla 0.6).

We haven't made a new release yet, because I haven't yet seen a Mozilla build that would exceed the Mozilla 0.6 quality. The current trunk is very poor. Lots of stuff doesn't work. You may cope with that, but end-users won't.

Maybe we'll release a "dev" version soon.