Nautilus PR3

Wednesday January 31st, 2001

Eli Goldberg writes in:
"Nautilus, the file manager for the upcoming GNOME 1.4 desktop on Linux, is now available for download in its third and final preview release.

Nautilus offers a glimpse of the Mozilla embedding we may see in the future: Nautilus users experience remote and local web content through Mozilla. Visit #nautilus on if you have any questions."

#7 eazel doesn't address linux usability

by strauss

Thursday February 1st, 2001 9:56 AM

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The user experience problems with Linux mostly lie in the cultural values which cause almost all new code to be written to a command line and scripting interface, with no (or only a shim) GUI. A nice file manager is, well, nice, but it doesn't begin to deal with the fact that almost every other piece of software written for the system in the past (or the forseeable future) is written for hobbyists and hackers rather than for a general audience.