Nautilus PR3

Wednesday January 31st, 2001

Eli Goldberg writes in:
"Nautilus, the file manager for the upcoming GNOME 1.4 desktop on Linux, is now available for download in its third and final preview release.

Nautilus offers a glimpse of the Mozilla embedding we may see in the future: Nautilus users experience remote and local web content through Mozilla. Visit #nautilus on if you have any questions."

#17 Rubbish

by zak

Wednesday February 7th, 2001 4:31 AM

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This response was the most drivel I've seen accumulated in one place. Every programme needs a GUI? Smoked *all* your crack at once again, huh?

GUI programmes offer no improvement over command-line ones, whilst bringing into the mix the overhead of the whole GUI infrastructure. Flexibility is lost, all that is gained is bloat. Yes, a GUI is nice for _some_ things, but on the whole, command line interface offers a superior environment.