Nautilus PR3

Wednesday January 31st, 2001

Eli Goldberg writes in:
"Nautilus, the file manager for the upcoming GNOME 1.4 desktop on Linux, is now available for download in its third and final preview release.

Nautilus offers a glimpse of the Mozilla embedding we may see in the future: Nautilus users experience remote and local web content through Mozilla. Visit #nautilus on if you have any questions."

#12 Re: Re: Re: Re: eazel doesn't address linux usa

by cyd

Friday February 2nd, 2001 5:48 PM

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I strongly disagree. The Unix command line is quite a different animal from the MS-DOS command. The latter is a kludgy in the extreme, whereas the former is a elegant, flexible and powerful interface. Make no mistake, the power of the Unix command line is what has made Unix such THE standard in the enterprise. It is not a liability, but a great strength.

Sure, graphical programs have their place. They look nicer, are usually easier to learn, and don't need much thinking to use ("click and drool" I think it's called.) But asking for the abolition of the command line is akin to asking for the abolition of power tools in favor of sticks and stones. Just because not everyone knows how to use the more advanced instrument doesn't mean we should get rid of them.