Nautilus PR3

Wednesday January 31st, 2001

Eli Goldberg writes in:
"Nautilus, the file manager for the upcoming GNOME 1.4 desktop on Linux, is now available for download in its third and final preview release.

Nautilus offers a glimpse of the Mozilla embedding we may see in the future: Nautilus users experience remote and local web content through Mozilla. Visit #nautilus on if you have any questions."

#1 Amazing demo, but problems with embedding

by rgelb <>

Wednesday January 31st, 2001 8:52 PM

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I loved the demo, it is quite amazing. However, the Moz embedding is not quite full yet. For instance, getElementByID function didn't work. Example: <> If you try to expand the contents section of the page - it causes an error window to popup. If you try it in Moz standalone - it works fine.

A bit off topic, but I have to say that Moz has gotten tons better in the last two weeks. If feels better and faster.