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Saturday January 27th, 2001

Asa Dotzler writes in with pointers to a couple of interesting articles at and He says the Scott Andrews article is definitely worth reading and if you're looking for something of a lower 'slashdot-esque' quality then check out the rant at freshmeat.

#26 Re: Re: Flash, JavaScript and Java rant (Very very

by zak

Tuesday February 6th, 2001 9:53 AM

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OK, so I may have been mistaken about .js being able to steal your email address. Certain versions of Netscape allowed the browser to send an email to an address with an onLoad directive, but apparently that has been tightened up for some time. Fact is though, that javascript is the basis for many browser-based exploits. Follow Bugtraq at and read the posts by George Guninski, amongst others. I *choose* not to allow arbitrary unknown code to execute on my machine. Deal with it, and provide alternatives for those without Flash, Java, and Javascript or design for closed-medium applications, ie NOT THE WEB. The web is what it is today because it was platform/client independent. How are any arguments posted here about why Flash doesn't suck etc in any way different to arguments by Winblows developers who force you to use IE to view their crappy sites?

Point is, by blindly utilising the latest fad flashy "multi-spit-media" gunk and expecting that all and sundry must just install the plugin just to view your content is blatantly arrogant and ultimately contra the continued development and usefulness of the web.