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Saturday January 27th, 2001

Asa Dotzler writes in with pointers to a couple of interesting articles at and He says the Scott Andrews article is definitely worth reading and if you're looking for something of a lower 'slashdot-esque' quality then check out the rant at freshmeat.

#17 Two opposing views, both full of it.

by jelwell

Tuesday January 30th, 2001 3:36 PM

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The Freshmeat link is dead, I assume it's supposed to be <>

It's interesting to see two completely opposing views on this subject. The first is a rally for web developers to stop developing low tech, backwards compatible pages so that people will be forced to upgrade to Netscape 6/Mozilla. The second article is a plea to the same Web developers to throw out the high tech fluff (flash, javascript, etc) from their web pages, and return to a simpler, easier web.

Do either of these solutions encourage the growth of Mozilla? Why bother with Mozilla if web developers code for 3.x browsers? The old browsers are already fast and efficient. Does forcing web developers to build complicated UI's and "web applications" help Mozilla? Mozilla's marketshare is so small right now that if web developers decided to start building their complicated UI's they'd build them in IE.

How do web developers really help Mozilla? Is it by making HTML 3.x only websites? Is it by making extravagant web UI's that only work in Mozilla? Is there a simple answer for Web Developers? Yes: KISS, keep it simple stupid.

Web developers shouldn't be put in a position to decide between browsers whether that's old or new, IE or Netscape. Do we want to see the rise of "This Page best viewed in XXX"?

Joseph Elwell.