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Saturday January 27th, 2001

Asa Dotzler writes in with pointers to a couple of interesting articles at and He says the Scott Andrews article is definitely worth reading and if you're looking for something of a lower 'slashdot-esque' quality then check out the rant at freshmeat.

#1 Wow, great article!

by Kovu <>

Saturday January 27th, 2001 11:00 PM

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That first article is fantastic. It misses the boat in one major respect though:

When he says the following:

"- Your client remains happy, because he/she is not forced to use a particular browser brand. Stick with IE? No problem. Used to Netscape? Just upgrade to version 6. Subversive? Try Mozilla."

He neglects to mention other browsers based on Mozilla. For instance, Neoplanet is supposed to release Mozilla-based browsers in a couple months.

The rant was okay, and yes Mozilla is pretty slow, but what he's not taking into account is that all new hardware is pretty much capable of running Mozilla quickly. I ran it on a P3 850 mhz and N6 leaped up as fast as IE. In a couple/few years, by the time Mozilla is really clean, the majority of hardware will be capable of running Mozilla fast with no problem. I think he's just neglecting to take this into account: Mozilla is really a product for the near future (post-2001) and I think that's when it will really start to become ubiquitous.

And then there's always AOL and their deal for IE that IIRC ends this month. If AOL switches to Netscape soon, IE's monopoly status is over.