New Links Panel

Friday January 26th, 2001

Eric Hodel writes:
"Links Panel v2.3 has been released. There have been gads of improvements since the last time it was featured on MozillaZine.

The Links Panel is a sidebar panel that displays the links of the currently browsed document in a sidebar panel."

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by jesse <>

Monday January 29th, 2001 1:57 AM

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I find it faster to type using the keyboard than to "type" by clicking multiple buttons with my mouse. You're right, though, in that you're more likely to have the mouse handy right after opening a sidebar panel. Also, because of bug 50665, I don't think I can focus the textbox as soon as the sidebar is opened (without stealing focus whenever a new Mozilla window is created with that panel open), which makes mine considerably slower.

The panel you're talking about is available as a sidebar panel, though:

page: <…r.tmpl?service=calculator>

add sidebar: <…r.tmpl?service=calculator>