New Links Panel

Friday January 26th, 2001

Eric Hodel writes:
"Links Panel v2.3 has been released. There have been gads of improvements since the last time it was featured on MozillaZine.

The Links Panel is a sidebar panel that displays the links of the currently browsed document in a sidebar panel."

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by skeeterow <>

Monday January 29th, 2001 1:39 AM

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Hi Have you been able to get into your webmail at 'My Netscape'? I haven't been able to login since the 26th Jan. I get into 'My Netscape' with no problems but here is a paste of what I sent to the support, no answer from them yet.

Since 26th Jan haven't been able to log into WebMail. Have tried every browser that I have. Have also tried it from three different machines at three different location. Always the same. I fill in the login information. Click on login and get sent back to a window that asks if I want to login in or join. Between clicking and landing bact at <> I can see my mailbox address appear in the url address window, but then it is gone and land back at a sign in page.

This is my second writing to you on this matter. Haven't had a response from you yet. Is webmail down?

Sincerely: Stephen