Nokia Device Using Mozilla

Monday January 22nd, 2001

ERICmurphy writes:
"Nokia is coming out with a product called the Media Terminal that uses Linux, and has a set of really cool features. One of those features is a full Mozilla browser, not an embedded version. It will be interesting to see how successful this product is."

#8 cool but ..

by jilles

Tuesday January 23rd, 2001 7:48 AM

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Shouldn't they wait a few months for version 1.0. The mozilla developers are doing a great job lately in fixing bugs. However, people seem to eager to wait for a proper release. Netscape already made the mistake of releasing netscape 6. Though remarkably stable, this version of mozilla contains lots of bugs and should IMHO never have been released.

According to the roadmap, we can expect version 0.8 in just a few weeks. Can't wait :)