Nokia Device Using Mozilla

Monday January 22nd, 2001

ERICmurphy writes:
"Nokia is coming out with a product called the Media Terminal that uses Linux, and has a set of really cool features. One of those features is a full Mozilla browser, not an embedded version. It will be interesting to see how successful this product is."

#10 Re: Re: Re: Is Nokia smoking crack?

by KaiRo <>

Tuesday January 23rd, 2001 9:13 AM

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At least PIII 500/600 with 128 MB RAM???

Are YOU smoking crack?

Ok, my box has now 192 MB, but Mozilla was running also fine with 64 MB, and this is a PII-400 (ok, that's also more than Nokia's minimal reqirements, true).

I'm currently using 108 MB of RAM, and my Mozilla is running *quite fast* with Java2 1.3 on a full featured KDE2 and lots of other stuff running (xchat, xmms, konqueror, licq etc.)

So I think that, on a Linux system - which doesn't use 70 MB of RAM just for loading the OS (as my Win98SE did) - they can do it with a Celeron 366 though I think they should use 64 MB of RAM, so it will work quite a bit better...