Articles Regarding Netscape at

Friday October 30th, 1998

Mike Lofton writes in to say, "There are some very good articles on Netscape at, including one about a serious privacy issue raised by the What's Related feature. And don't miss the article entitled 'Think'. It's outstanding."

Editor's note: Read the "Think" article, and then let's discuss it here. I think it raises some points that could use some further discussion.

Also, I've gotten enough requests that I've decided to cave on one issue. From now on, all external links will be target = "_top". Don't say I never gave you nothin'.

#6 Re:Articles Regarding Netscape at

by Dave WIner <>

Monday November 2nd, 1998 2:18 PM

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I guess this is another place where "thinkers" aggregate.

It's nice to know you guys know everything. Let me know when you have something serious to say.