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Friday October 30th, 1998

Mike Lofton writes in to say, "There are some very good articles on Netscape at, including one about a serious privacy issue raised by the What's Related feature. And don't miss the article entitled 'Think'. It's outstanding."

Editor's note: Read the "Think" article, and then let's discuss it here. I think it raises some points that could use some further discussion.

Also, I've gotten enough requests that I've decided to cave on one issue. From now on, all external links will be target = "_top". Don't say I never gave you nothin'.

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by Jason Kersey <>

Friday October 30th, 1998 10:00 AM

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Cough, Cough, Bullshit, Cough, Cough.....

This is quite the article. I truly believe that Netscape was not out to, nor is looking to create an OS. They simply created one of the latest killer apps, which Microsoft decided to 'integrate' into its OS. I have found it interesting to watch as IE has slowly moved forward. It seems, that as the trial goes on, Microsoft is changing more and more of IE to make it look like IE is a Windows feature. In its latest carnation, 5b2, they have changed the name of the installer from 'IE Setup' to 'Windows Update.' I am led to believe, that if this trial had never happened, we would still see IE as a standalone addon to Windows. But, because IE is at the heart of the lawsuit, MS is slowly trying to cover its tracks.

While I don't advise downloading IE, as it memory hog in all respects, I would ask that you take a look at it on someone who has taken the risk to use it, as it is amazing how they are trying to cover up their tracks by adding Windows features all over the browser...

And not to overlook the trial...the trial is based on whether or not Microsoft leveraged its monopoly to advance it's Web Browser. It has nothing to do with whether Netscape survives or not. Netscape comes into play, because it was the focus of Microsoft's latest 'integration.'

Anyways, its early, and I don't know if this makes sence, but oh well.