MozillaZine Update

Friday January 12th, 2001

David Boswell writes in:
"Recently several new projects have been added to mozdev for a total of 23. Some of the most recent projects that were added include mozmp and lizzard, media player projects similiar to Real Player and WinAmp. Also recently added is the Snippets project which acts as a central repository for code fragments that other projects might find useful, and the Sherlock project which collects different search engine sidebar enhancements in one place. If you haven't checked it out recently, come on over and see what we're working on."

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by Sparkster

Monday January 15th, 2001 9:47 AM

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know i know, what titles are for... :) for all "threaded view" users, here is the text again:

hello :)

i agree with you, that mozilla won't be the most used browser in the NEAR future, but it will grow. MS Windows is loosing marketshare. slow but steady. mozilla is the only FREE available webbrowser for everyone. IE is not free, you have to bye MS Windows to get it. so you CAN tell your users that they need mozilla to get the content. for example you could make a great online game using the mozilla plattform. this would not be very hard and run on every plattform. users would have to download mozilla to play this game. if more of those apps are developed, mozilla WILL get a huge user base. and just imagine what happens, if mozilla gets a plattform independent, internet based, standards compliant and free office suite... mozilla will bring some great apps to the user, chatzilla is just a small example. but chatzilla is not so bad, i already use it quite often, cause it's easy and i don't IRC so often so an easy and nice client is just right. although i still prefer bitchX for longer IRC sessions. :) most newbie computer users don't use irc cause it's more complicated than simple webchats. chatzilla could change that. and jabberzilla could bring jabber to the masses. i don't know any good jabber client for unix yet, so i'm really looking forward for the first usable jabberzilla client. and something else... installing new software written for mozilla is as easy as clicking a button! i think it's great