MozillaZine Update

Friday January 12th, 2001

David Boswell writes in:
"Recently several new projects have been added to mozdev for a total of 23. Some of the most recent projects that were added include mozmp and lizzard, media player projects similiar to Real Player and WinAmp. Also recently added is the Snippets project which acts as a central repository for code fragments that other projects might find useful, and the Sherlock project which collects different search engine sidebar enhancements in one place. If you haven't checked it out recently, come on over and see what we're working on."

#6 Well, believe what you like, but...

by leafdigital

Monday January 15th, 2001 8:32 AM

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I'd *like* Mozilla to become the most used browser out there, but I'm certain that it won't happen in the foreseeable future. Relatively few people are upgrading to Netscape 6 (out of Netscape 4.x's already small userbase), and I personally know several people who've tried and then gone back...

Eventually a Mozilla-based engine (NN 6.1, 6.5, whatever) might mop up the remainder of the NN 4.x users who haven't yet defected to Microsoft, but I don't think we could expect more than maybe 10% share from that.

The best result I can see for Mozilla in terms of market share is if AOL adopt it as their standard browser. That will give it a significant share. But I don't (again, in foreseeable future, which means Microsoft operating systems for the next three years or more at least) see it getting more than that. With a perfectly good (not quite *as* good in terms of standards, but not bad) browser pre-installed and necessary as part of the OS (more or less), it's just really unlikely that users install anything else - even if it gets to the point where the browser is better for users as well as for standards, which Mozilla hasn't really yet reached.

BTW, apologies for being kind of rude in the original post. I'm (mostly) a Java developer so I know what Java is really used for, and it isn't applets. If you're thinking only of applets, then sure, I would agree that Mozilla's application development features are not much less useful than applets :>

Without meaning to be rude *again*, I do also think that the idea Chatzilla might encourage non-Mozilla-browser users to use the platform is rather doubtful, because it's really *extremely* bad, but ah well, I'm biased there too as an IRC client developer :) Still, I'd even rather use mIRC than *that*...


ps I have a login here because I like Mozilla (the browser), care about web standards, and would also like to see more non-corporate browser features like Mozilla's ad blocking and potential selective JavaScript enabling. That doesn't mean I have to follow sheeplike all the various hype, propoganda, and other general opinions that a theoretical 'Mozilla community' might be said to espouse.