MozillaZine Update

Friday January 12th, 2001

David Boswell writes in:
"Recently several new projects have been added to mozdev for a total of 23. Some of the most recent projects that were added include mozmp and lizzard, media player projects similiar to Real Player and WinAmp. Also recently added is the Snippets project which acts as a central repository for code fragments that other projects might find useful, and the Sherlock project which collects different search engine sidebar enhancements in one place. If you haven't checked it out recently, come on over and see what we're working on."

#4 Re: Ha ha ha ha...

by Sparkster

Monday January 15th, 2001 4:50 AM

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> "Damn, most of the 'Mozilla as a platform' hype is pretty damn stupid, but this has to be the stupidest I've heard yet. No offense. :)"

maybe it's stupid, i just posted this out of curiosity, not because i really care. and i don't think, that is is a "pretty damn stupid hype". i already use more usefull mozilla apps, than i ever found usefull java apps. and i can't wait for the first mozilla rpg games, the mozilla office suite or whatever. mozilla applications are as plattform independent as mozilla is, are easy to do (an application written in javascript? wow...), look much better than most java apps and most of all, they live in the internet. so why shouldn't i use mozilla as a devel plattform? i can reach the same goals for which i would use java (plattform independence) and much more.

> "(And do NOT expect Mozilla to become a more significant browser in terms of user percentages until/unless AOL take up Mozilla, or some of the other web-devices catch on; even then, don't expect it to hit 50%...)"

no, i don't expect mozilla to become the most used browser out there. but mozilla is not a browser. as soon as mozilla development goes on, there will be the first mozilla applications which have nothing to do with the browser and need only the base mozilla (NOT the browser, mail client, composer, etc). jabberzilla and chatzilla are good examples. those apps will grow the mozilla user base, if they use the browser component or not. i guess that a lot of people will stop laughing as soon as they see what mozilla is really for... ;) and i'm not in a mozilla hype or something, nor do i have anything to do with it. i just think it's a really interesting project.