MozillaZine Update

Friday January 12th, 2001

David Boswell writes in:
"Recently several new projects have been added to mozdev for a total of 23. Some of the most recent projects that were added include mozmp and lizzard, media player projects similiar to Real Player and WinAmp. Also recently added is the Snippets project which acts as a central repository for code fragments that other projects might find useful, and the Sherlock project which collects different search engine sidebar enhancements in one place. If you haven't checked it out recently, come on over and see what we're working on."

#19 Wow - thanks

by leafdigital

Monday January 22nd, 2001 4:28 AM

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Uh, I guess I should've added mys'elf as cc to those bugs back when I last looked at them many months ago.

Thanks a lot for filling me in.

Of course, this kind of thing really needs a user interface (which I presume won't make it into commercial builds? Shame, as it would be a killer feature, "block images" is already pretty damn hot).

Thanks again, I really appreciate this :)