Mozilla 0.7 is here!

Tuesday January 9th, 2001 today released Mozilla 0.7, which is the beginning of the march to 1.0. See the roadmap for more information on Mozilla 1.0. Grab it, and check out the release notes!

#73 Re: Mozilla 0.7 and SSL

by gwooledge <>

Friday January 12th, 2001 7:48 AM

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I've been trying to figure out how to make SSL work for about a week now. I've been completely unable to find any documentation.

System is i386 running Debian GNU/Linux.

I've got mozilla source code, from CVS. When I run ./configure --help I don't see any mention of security, or SSL, or PSM at all. There's a security/psm directory, but typing 'make' in there doesn't do anything magical.

The Debug|Install PSM menu option leads me to and gives me an option to install PSM for Linux. This goes smoothly, generates a success message, populates the dist/bin directory with some shared objects... and then utterly fails to work when I type https://.... (And why is one of the shared objects for the SPARC arch, anyway?)

I'm currently configuring with "../mozilla/configure --with-jpeg --with-zlib --with-png --enable-nspr-autoconf --with-nspr --disable-mailnews --disable-debug --enable-optimize", using a separate directory for the build. (The security directory is not being created in the build directory, which I think is a symptom of the problem....)

Is there any documentation on building mozilla with SSL yet? I'm probably overlooking something fairly simple....