Mozilla 0.7 is here!

Tuesday January 9th, 2001 today released Mozilla 0.7, which is the beginning of the march to 1.0. See the roadmap for more information on Mozilla 1.0. Grab it, and check out the release notes!

#62 I wonder though...

by arnoudb <>

Thursday January 11th, 2001 6:50 PM

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...where did the syntax highlighting in View Source ever go?? I think it worked way back in like M14 or something, but where is it now, and when if ever will it return? I've missed it and couldn't find a bug # on it, but I can hardly believe something this obvious hasn't been filed before... Anyone know what's going on here?

Also, why doesn't Win32 moz display the status while loading in the splash screen like NS4.x and Moz on Mac?