Mozilla 0.7 is here!

Tuesday January 9th, 2001 today released Mozilla 0.7, which is the beginning of the march to 1.0. See the roadmap for more information on Mozilla 1.0. Grab it, and check out the release notes!

#36 Re: Talkback builds

by leaf

Wednesday January 10th, 2001 9:50 AM

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mozilla milestones were once upon a time linked with netscape internal milestones... this led to the production of a netscape commercial build for testing, and consequently, the production of a talkback xpi. Netscape allows to use these xpis when they are available (since they work with mozilla builds as well as the commercial netscape builds).

The milestones for have diverged from the milestone path taken by netscape; as a consequence, the branch builds done for mozilla are not produced with corresponding talkback packages.

The daily builds still have talkback, and that\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s probably where talkback is most useful, since problems are constantly being corrected.