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Tuesday January 9th, 2001 today released Mozilla 0.7, which is the beginning of the march to 1.0. See the roadmap for more information on Mozilla 1.0. Grab it, and check out the release notes!

#31 Java doesn't install on Linux

by sbaums

Wednesday January 10th, 2001 8:44 AM

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The Sun Java plugin installs fine on Windows Mozilla 0.7, but on Linux (Debian 2.2) installation fails with the following:

Java 2 Plug-in for Linux: Download was unsuccessful. Please try again. The Java Plug-in is 7.6Mb and will take you 37 minutes to fully download with a 28.8 modem or 19 minutes with a 56K modem. Alternatively, you can download this plug-in directly from our FTP site at <…32/smartupdate/jre13i.exe> for Windows. Please e-mail <> if you continue to have problems. Error encountered -- -235

First I thought this has to do with insufficient disk space, but after deleting some stuff, surely 34M is enough for the plugin?