New Roadmap Posted

Sunday December 24th, 2000

David Polberger writes:
"Brendan Eich has posted a new roadmap on The new roadmap gives some good information on when Mozilla 1.0 might be released and also stresses the importance of embedding. A must-read for everyone interested in Mozilla."

#6 Hint, Hint, Netscape...

by SailorV

Monday December 25th, 2000 5:21 AM

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I had hoped that Netscape would first call their Moz release v5 instead of v6, or better yet called it a beta so they could upstage The Competition by saying that Netscape's beta version was better than The Competition's shipping version.

It might be too late for that now, but this new road map looks like it included a chide to Netscape for taking a not-yet-beta product and releasing it as their final version release.

Speaking of final version releases, I'm hoping that Mozilla drew up the plan based on its past experience, and not the stretched-out ambition of the Project's initial timeline that left all of us on the sideline disappointed.

Stay tuned for Netscape 7, perhaps?