New Roadmap Posted

Sunday December 24th, 2000

David Polberger writes:
"Brendan Eich has posted a new roadmap on The new roadmap gives some good information on when Mozilla 1.0 might be released and also stresses the importance of embedding. A must-read for everyone interested in Mozilla."

#43 Startup Speed

by rgelb <>

Saturday December 30th, 2000 11:37 PM

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I was wondering whether start up speed is going to be addressed. Right now, a nightly (with a exclamation point on it) on an AMD k6-2 300mhz with 64 mb of RAM it takes close to 15-20 seconds to load. On a PIII 600mhz with 0.5Gb of RAM it takes about 5-10 seconds. That is clearly unacceptable. This is when I fire them up the first time. Second time around is a bit better with 10-12 seconds on the AMD300 and 3-6 seconds on PIII-600. Still, it takes a while. I hate to compare it again IE, but it is the benchmark against which all the browsers are judged. Anyway, IE comes up almost instantly (within 1-3 seconds) on both PCs.